Datum Technology Services


Maximizing and leveraging technology cannot only provide you with a competitive business advantage, it can make the difference between business success and failure.


Data Science

We have experience in collecting data using various engineering principles and performing deep-down analysis using artificial intelligence (machine and deep learning) technologies to mine meaningful information that is hidden in our customers’ data.

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Datum works closely with clients to design and implement an effective cyber security posture which includes planning, implementation, and maintenance. We know the governance, risk assessment, and metrics collection is equally important for our customers to be compliant with industry and legal requirements.

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Datum is a technologist to acquire, store, and manipulate geographic information to build our customers’ competitive advantage. We possess deep experience using both proprietary and open source technologies that are available in the market.

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IoT and Bots

Datum has expertise in working with IoT enabled devices interconnected to main hub using cloud-based technology controlled through a mobile app or Bots. The conversational commerce capabilities using Bots has increased our customers’ ROI just within a matter of few months of its implementation.

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