Mobile Apps

Mobility is more than just the creation of appealing mobile applications – it can change the way a business is run. Mobile apps enable organizations to expand their audience and to increase the accessibility of their services.

Now is the best time to port your customer-facing applications to your customers or your internal applications to your employees, to give better just-in-time information that drives additional revenue and builds brand equity.

Currently 64% of all American adults have a smartphone (Pew Research Center) and a 2015 internet trends report shows that mobile digital media time in the U.S. has passed the time spent on desktops – 51 percent versus 42 percent. If you aren’t using mobile apps to meet customers where they live – on their phones – you risk falling behind competitors.


Mobile Development

Datum offers a wide portfolio of mobile app solutions covering:
  • Development of native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms
  • Development of mobile Web and hybrid apps
  • Delivery of solutions that exploit mobility concepts and location-based services to meet specific business demands
  • Provision of mobile extensions to pre-existing business applications by expanding and adapting their functionality to the mobile world

Datum can provide assessments to determine the best path for your mobile development needs, develop the apps, and also assist in getting your apps into the associated app stores.

Mobile Testing

The best apps are those that are thoroughly tested. Mobile testing is similar to typical client-based applications; however, the addition of a cellular network, touch-enablement and new form factors (like screen size) changes testing requirements. Datum offers mobile testing services that cover the entire gamut of mobile device requirements, including:
  • Functional Testing – testing the functionality of the app in reference to business requirements
  • Functional-Performance Device Testing – testing how the app functions performance-wise on a targeted list of smartphone and tablet devices, including how the device interacts with the network and the other device-specific features used by the app
  • Network Performance Testing – testing how the mobile application loads on the backend

Datum provides a complete end-to-end testing approach that ensures your app will perform optimally, thereby providing the best possible interaction between your app and your customers and/or employees.

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