Datum provides a full suite of managed network and system services including security engineering, enterprise architecture services, governance support and product migration. Datum’s standards-based, repeatable approach is tailored to each client's needs, achieving a unique blend of customization and value.

Datum develops turnkey solutions that meet
clients' specific business objectives.

Under the guidance of a proven management services team, Datum draws upon its onshore and offshore resources to create custom solutions for clients. Datum incorporates thorough assessment and mitigation plans to identify, monitor and eliminate any potential risks that might have a negative impact on the project or overall business.

Whether a project is small or large, Datum’s managed services team can successfully deliver
a customized solution that meets current and future needs.


Business Analysis

When embarking on a project, Datum takes a holistic approach that examines core business functions, product goals and related services. The business analysts and product managers gain a deep understanding of how project requirements relate to overall revenue generation, then develop an approach that keeps the end goal in the forefront.

Project Management

Success in project execution is largely dependent on three elements: schedule, budget and quality. Datum draws upon its on-shore and off-shore resources to ensure all three are performed flawlessly, consistently meeting client needs. It’s why clients repeatedly turn to Datum for on-time, in-budget excellence.

Evaluating Requirements

One of the most important steps in achieving project success is creating a comprehensive, correct set of requirements. Datum draws upon its extensive experience to clarify ambiguities and conflicts and address functional, performance, usability, security and reliability requirements.

Future Proofing

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning today’s solution could be tomorrow’s road block. Datum creates value by writing code that can be repurposed for other projects and will integrate with development efforts in the future.

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