Data Manager

If you enjoy helping clients achieve business success through technology, you will love being a member of the Datum team. We hire only those with a commitment to the highest level of technical and professional excellence, coupled with leadership skills and a great attitude.

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Data Manager

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
ID Number: #DM2034

Data Manager

Location: Atlanta, GA 

Data Manager will upgrade and implement changes to vector and raster geodatabases including Esri Roads and Highways. Provides ETL functions for processing data into Esri geodatabases through Esri Model Builder, Workflow Manager,and SafeSoftware FME. Will be responsible for implementing Esri Parcel Fabric for storage and maintenance of  client's Right of Way and surplus parcels.


• Performs geospatial data processing/ETL and publishing of data into enterprise geodatabases

• Acquires, maintains, and disseminates GIS data in support of client activities

• Maintains currency and completeness of enterprise geodatabase data, metadata, and geoportal

• Ensures completion of data updates and facilitates resolution of data governance/quality issues

• Controls GIS data security, access, distribution, and retention

• Replicates, synchronizes, and restores geodatabases

• Creates data caches and tiles

• Troubleshoots and supports end user data compression, versioning, and multi-user editing workflows within geodatabases

• Implements data security and access controls

• Implements geodatabase design standards

• Creates and supports Active Batch, Model Builder, Workflow Manager, and FME jobs

• Supports raster data in Image Server

• Performs geodatabase administration, configuration, tuning, and performance monitoring in hand with Oracle DBA’s

• Develops and updates spatial views and data views in hand with Enterprise Data Warehouse Team

• Develops geodatabase design documents, metadata, data models, and schemas

• Facilitates GIS data interoperability with Bentley Microstation transportation design plans

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