App Dev: Event Streaming & MuleSoft (Pulse)

Datum designed and developed a robust management tool to measure the pulse of the business by comparing actual booking to projections for a global hotel chain.

  • Skills Used: Java, Spring, Spring Security, RESTful Web Services, MuleSoft, Teradata, HTML5, CSS, Esper for (Complex Event Processing (CEP) & Event Stream Processing (ESP))
  • Value Add: We created a dashboard view to enable key stakeholders to view performance metrics in real time globally and compare them across all 7 brands of the hotel group
  • Metrics: High Quality, On-time and Budget
  • Customer Rating: Exceptional & Award Winning
  • Customer: IHG

Digital Transformation | Data Analytics | Modern App Development

eCommerce, Payment Solutions

Designed and Developed a world class, multichannel, multiplatform Payment Gateway – VELA that accepts any form of payment, Currently deployed in 6 countries and expanding globally for one of the largest holiday resort companies in the world for onsite eCommerce channels

  • Skills Used: Java, J2EE, Full Spring suite, Full Hibernate suite, Apache libraries, MySQL, RESTful & SOAP Web Services, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SMTP, RingCentral and Twilio for SMS, Eclipse, Tomcat9, Log4J, Amazon Web Services – Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, S3, Glacier, Web Application Firewall, Load balancers in multiple regions/Availability Zones, Jenkins for CI/CD, Automation Testing using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Value Add: Enabling payment capabilities using any form of payment and seamless integration with all backend systems and processors.
  • Customer: Club Med

Digital Transformation | Cloud | Modern App Development