There is a saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees. That concept holds true for organizations – too often, they become so focused on individual departments, challenges, reports and initiatives that they are unable to perceive the entire enterprise and its interdependencies.

Datum Software creates business solutions that provide a holistic view of the enterprise, resulting in increased business value and the ability to manage business transformations.

Datum’s enterprise architecture solutions consolidate different views of the organization, allowing you to respond more quickly to emerging opportunities.

Through Enterprise Architecture (EA), Datum is able to align an organization’s business strategy and technology planning, reversing the divergence of these two functions. Datum enables IT to provide business insights that benefit the organization with unexpected insights from end-users. Datum uses EA as a methodology for business understanding, technology planning, organizational transformation and enabling senior leader decision making.

The EA is instrumental in harnessing organization’s resources through Human Capital Management and Human Capital Transformation.


Business Understanding

Datum’s vast experience using EA as a methodology for business understanding comes from developing processes to fit customers’ needs. Using this process and closely coordinating with customers, Datum identifies an architecture’s purpose, perspective, scope and data requirements for the business and its technology, and gains business understanding by analyzing the architecture.

EA Methodology for Organization Transformation

There is a paradigm shift from technological solutions solving business problems to technology itself, enabling new business models and methods and supporting organizational transformation. Using the power of EA, Datum enables organizational transformation. This begins by determining the architecture views and data required to support analysis and effective organizational transformation. Then Datum aligns organizational performers to business activities to identify potential redundancies and gaps. As a result, Datum identifies transformative initiatives that allow the organization to more efficiently accomplish its mission.

EA Methodology for Technology Planning

Using EA, Datum develops technology roadmaps and associated technical blueprints as a path towards reaching a common technology vision across an enterprise. Industry best practices, combined with Datum’s extensive experience supports the performance of in-depth gap analysis, enabling the ability to bridge the IT and business planning gap with EA. This EA methodology allows Datum to progress past the technology-oriented focus of traditional architectures and encompasses business architectures, including business process models, operations management, organizational models, technology architecture and governance under one umbrella.

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