Before the days of computers, if someone robbed you, they broke into a physical space and took something of value. In today’s wired world, it is increasingly difficult to keep out thieves and mischief-makers and protect valuable assets.

A range of traditional crimes now take place within
cyberspace, including banking and financial fraud, intellectual
property violations, identity theft and more.

Businesses have an obligation to their customers and employees to protect their personal information. They also owe it to shareholders to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary and trade information that could be used by competitors to gain an unfair advantage.

Datum Software, which works with some of the largest companies in the world as well as the U.S. government in military branches, has in-depth experience with creating barriers between cyber hackers and client data. This extends to damaging viruses that can impair operations as well as identity theft, which damages both a company’s reputation and customer trust while opening the door to punitive legal settlements.


Cybersecurity Strategic Consulting

Datum Software works closely with clients to design and implement an effective security strategy, including organization, governance, risk assessment, metrics, process and technology deployment. This also includes ensuring your security is compliant with current regulations and legal requirements.

Information Assurance

Support IT services by providing research, cybersecurity analysis and Principal Accrediting Authority support. This includes cybersecurity policy analysis, joint policy development/updates, network/enclave security architecture analysis, subject matter expertise in cybersecurity, risk management, cyber workforce analysis, cybersecurity strategy and critical infrastructure protection.

IT Security Assessments

Datum’s proven processes and experienced security experts can help you quickly and cost-effectively certify your products to the standards many government and civilian agencies require.

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