Business Apps

Most large federal and commercial organizations cannot abandon existing business applications because they are essential to operations and represent millions of dollars in investment and revenue. Even though business applications are costly to maintain and often lack flexibility, they are reliable and contain complex business logic that has been proven for a long period of time.

Datum Software offers two options that help organizations leverage their existing business applications.

First, Datum has a highly skilled staff with experience in varied technologies. They can ensure these applications continue to fulfill their role and are secure and highly functional.

Alternatively, Datum offers business application modernization services that transform, rather than replace, existing applications. The result is a reduction in the cost of ownership while maintaining the functionality of the application. This enables companies to achieve the advantages of modern technologies.


Production Support

The increasing demands for data and the complexities of extracting this information in a timely manner from a business environment can place a burden on an IT team seeking to address strategic improvements while also maintaining the old code base. Datum serves as a trusted partner that can meet your production support needs with a cost-balanced approach that leverages onshore and offshore facilities. Your in-house team can address mission-critical improvements while Datum keeps business systems running efficiently.


If a business case requires that you repurpose business information systems using modern technologies such as SOA, Datum can help. The company implemented a SOA framework into the environment of a Fortune 500 airline so they could gain better access to their business data. Their SOA environment has now become an integral part of all current and future application development and has already proven to be very successful.

Upgrades and Migration

Datum’s production support team can provide upgrades, migration of business applications, and adding new business functionalities to the existing deployed systems using technologies such as, JEE, C#, .NET, SAP, COBOL, Natural and IBI Focus, to name a few.


New features added to systems can lead them to perform less optimally over time. Datum can provide refactoring, system and database tuning, and other optimization techniques which will meet the demands needed to keep your business environment running smoothly.

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