Big Data/BI

We are creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, with 90 percent of the world’s data created in just the last two years. This vast amount of data is meaningless without the ability to transform it into insights that yield actionable information – business intelligence.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions harness big data, transforming it into information that fuels smarter, faster decisions.

It is critical that companies have a unified BI environment that eliminates dueling factions using their own interpretations of data.

Datum Software creates solutions that deliver information when and where it is needed. Using dashboards and data visualization, Datum makes big data usable and understandable so it can be employed to gain competitive advantages and enable more nimble and well-informed decision processes.

Harnessing big data can increase financial performance and enable a company to focus on business priorities within an appropriate context.


Real-time Dashboards

Looking at just historical information in today's climate means it is stale and virtually worthless. The key is to view real-time data based upon recognizable patterns in historical data, which provides the right combination to support more tactical decisions. Datum Software helped the largest hotel chain in America by creating a dashboard that collects real-time information from their mainframes as well as historical/clean/audited information from their data warehouse. This allowed them to make better strategic decisions and helped improve their margins.

Data Visualization

With big data, "printing it out" is not an option. So, how do you quickly understand the secrets locked away in your data? Dashboards that display statistical figures can be useful for specific approaches, along with visual representations as a simplified approach to summarizing data into digestible and actionable bits of information. Datum Software not only has expertise in this area but also has built a tool that has helped clients clearly see where issues are within their environment.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is used to analyze current and historical data to uncover hidden insights. It uses a series of techniques from gathering information from data warehouses and cloud environments, statistics, patterns, modeling, data mining, and in some cases, artificial intelligence. Datum clients have seen ROI from predictive analytics within the first three months of implementation.

Customer Intimacy

Cloud computing is the means to greater customer intimacy, especially since today's customers are demanding more self-management and faster access to information. They want to control the flow of information coming to them and from them. Today’s massive big data environment information demands a new approach to storage methodologies and analytics, allowing companies to better know their customers and supply them with information when and where they need it.

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