ONEui ONEui™ is a secure Hosted Payment Page (HPP) that can be easily configured to suit a range of current and expanding payment options. The customizable and responsive interface offers a consistent end user experience and minimizes the merchant's PCI overheads. It works with any type of business, perfectly scalable and seamlessly secure. ONEui™ is available as a component of VELA™.
When a merchant adds the ONEui HPP to his or her checkout process, it seamlessly integrates with the merchant's look and feel to create a securely-hosted payment page. Customers enter their payment data directly into our secure server so that the merchant never has to receive or store it.


  • One centralized location to implement payment changes as merchants expand their payment portfolio
  • Payment options available equally across all channels
  • Consistent end user experience
  • Customizable and responsive UI
  • Enable extra services like Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Card Storage/Tokenization and 3D Secure
  • Potentially reduce the cost and scope of PCI compliance
  • Maintain complete control of your branding throughout the customer payment cycle
  • Minimize initial and ongoing IT resource impacts
  • Secure your customers' payment data
  • Multi-Lingual/Internationalization (i18n) Support
  • Available as a Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • White-labelled & Customized User Help Guide